Friday, January 31, 2014

Rock Pets

Hello! Do you like the new, improved blog?

 tgif ( Thank goodness it's friday)! So anyway, today we're going to learn to make rock creatures.
This is what you're going to need...

  • Rocks
  • Spray Paint (or paint)
  • Googly eyes
  • A permanent marker 

This is what my lil' rock creatures look like


First, find a spray paint color that you like.  Get a cardboard box  and put the rock (s) in it so no rogue spray paint gets something else colorful. Spray paint the rocks. Repeat if needed. If you don't have spray paint, use paint. Remember that you'll need to paint the rock a few more times.

After the rocks are dried, glue the googly eyes on with glue. Elmer's glue works fine. After the eyes are dried, draw your various faces.

 Add details like bow ties or blushing cheeks too.

 If you don't have googly eyes, just draw winking or closed eyes.


Well, that's all! Follow me or please, leave comments.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A lol-so-true post


   Over time, I have collected many weird facts, trivia, teenage posts, amazing pics and wtf ( stands for wow that's funny) facts...and I have decided to share them with you!

So,  I hope it makes you smile!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Birthday Card Idea

Hello again!

This might be the only post from me from me this week because of....
*gasp* school. So anyway, today's topic is birthday cards! Lately, it seems that everyone is having a birthday, so hopefully this will be useful. 

We all want to make that special card that stands out from the rest, and this hopefully will!

Tada!! This is also a great way to get rid of books that you bought that you thought would be absolutely terrific... but weren’t. So this is what you'll be needing...

  1.  A cutting board ( if you have one)
  2. Water Paint of assorted colors  (plus paint brush, best if small)
  3. A book you have a grudge with
  4. White card-stock paper
  5. A letter outline (if you decide to also do the letter)

So... if you also want to make the letter which the card goes in...please read below...but if you don't, then please skip, cause it won't matter what size  your card will be.

Okay! First, this is what the letter will look like

This will take you to a website where it will show you step-by-step how to  make a envelope with a print out you'll get for free. Here's a pic of what the print out will look like.

Now, get the book you have a grudge with and (carefully, mind you) tear out a few pieces of the book. Use the cutting board to trim of any ruff edges. Now, glue together the pieces of the book-paper so that when you lay the print-out on the  ( dried now) glued pieces of paper, nothing is hanging off. Lightly trace around the print-off with a pencil. Now cut the tracing you have just done. Now all you have to do is fold and glue the soon-be-envelope. Voila!   


If you did do the envelope, make sure your white card-stock paper is small enough to fit into the envelope once folded; this may take a few cuttings with the cut board. If you didn’t do the envelope, then it doesn’t matter the size of the card.

Now, rip a few more pages from the book. You won't need to trim the ruff edges this time. Lightly trace balloons with your pencil; the amount of balloons is up to you. Once you're done, cut out the balloons and turn them over so any pencil markings won't be shown.

Now, get your water paints, a cup of water, brush and a scrap piece of paper. Choose a color you want to paint a balloon. Test the paint on the scrap piece of paper to make sure this is what you want. Paint the balloon. If you want to paint all of the balloon or leave it only on the edges like I did, it's up to you.

Now, let the balloons dry. Usually this doesn't take long. Arrange the balloons on the card you have folded. Now, glue them down. ( I suggest a glue stick) Make sure there is no wrinkles! Get the black pen and draw strings attached to the balloons. Draw clouds and/or birds if you feel like it.

For the inside, I just cut a rectangle slab of book-paper and painted this with the same colors as my balloons. Then I cut a smaller slab of white card-stock and placed this on top of it to write Happy Birthday. If you're feeling extra creative, find some words in the book, cut them out, and make a sentence. Be Creative!


You're almost done! 

Finally, let your card dry. When it is, slide it in the envelope (or not).
If you want to, decorate the envelope too. I put a button on the card flap just because.

You're done! Hope you liked this...Thanks for reading and please, please post comments.


Sunday, January 26, 2014


 Hello...and welcome to my blog, The Creative Infinity.  This blog will (hopefully) give you a laugh while giving you DIY's, crafts, and home tips. If you wanted some fashion tips, too bad! ( I'm no fashionista)

Oh! and here's me! (I'm the one with the gray hat that look like a mushroom)
The other person is Mary, she also has a blog, called The Marvelous Miss Mary; she's the one you want to go to if you want fashion tips.

Here's another pic of me. I'm at the Art Museum! So, as you can guess, I live in Missouri. (I have also have deep respect for art)

 Well, stay tuned for more posts from me! 

P.S. My name is Anna