Saturday, July 5, 2014

Book Nook

Hello! Hope you all had a great fourth of July! I sure did! ( We played with sparklers)

 Lately, I have been on Pinterest looking at closet book nooks. I definitely wanted one, but really, who has a empty closet ready for a makeover? So I thought, why not just make a temporary book nook? This temporary book nook would just be perfect for a rainy day that could be set up for a day or two. I found a part of my closet  that was I could comfortably fit in and covered the ground the with blankets. If you have carpet, cover the ground with two blankets. If you have a hard floor like I do, I suggest laying down a rug, and then two blankets.

Next, I hung some light and fancy blankets from a shelf above me to give the look that I wasn't reading in a closet.

Since I have shelves that are sliced, I easily put a flash light on the top shelf so the light could shine threw the blankets.

This craft was done in a few short minutes and I was very pleased with the results. This would be perfect for some little kids on a rainy day! Happy Reading!